Please make sure to review the RULES and ABOUT.  Many questions can be answered there.


Q: Will I be allowed to leave and re-enter the Festival?
A: No, there is no re-entry allowed.

Q: What are the event times?
A: 6:30pm-3:00am Daily

Q: Will set times and a map of the show be released in advance?
A: Yes, both will be available on this site and on our social networks before the festival.

Q: Can I apply for a media pass?
A: Media applications for Decadence 2017: The City Beyond Tomorrow will be coming soon. Check back here for regular updates.

Q: What is/isn’t allowed inside the event?
A: See full list of guidelines here.

Q: Can I bring a GoPro?
A: No. Video cameras and professional recording equipment are not allowed. GoPro’s fall into this category.

Q: Can I bring marijuana?
A: Marijuana, marijuana products, and associated paraphernalia are not allowed inside the convention center.

Q: Can I bring a CamelBak?
A: Yes, provided that it’s empty upon your arrival. They will be inspected.

Q: Can I bring totems/rage sticks?
A: Totems are not allowed inside per venue policy.

Q: Can I bring an LED hula hoop, poi, or other flow toys?
A: No, flow items are not allowed inside per venue policy.

Q: When will the schedule be released?
A: Look for the set time the week of the event – stay tuned!


Q: Will tickets be sold at the event?
A: If the festival does not sell out in advance, tickets will be available at the box office at a higher price on show date. Do not buy tickets from scalpers. Beware of frauds.

Q: Can I upgrade my GA ticket to VIP?
A: Yes. Please contact AXS Tickets to do this.

Q: Can I pay off my payment plan tickets early?
A: There is not a way to pay a payment plan ticket early.

Q: My payment has not processed yet!
A: Please contact AXS Tickets at decadence@axs.com